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[ Going to the races ]
(traditional bluegrass song)

* I'm going to the races
  To see my pony run
  And if I win any reenbacks
  We're sure gonna have some fun

They say we can't get married
They say I'm not worthy of you
they don't know what they're talking about
they don't know what we've gone through

  * Refrain

Now when you see me coming
Better raise your window high
And when you see me leaving little girl
Hang down your head and cry

  * Refrain

Now when you go a-courtin'
There's something you should do
That long tail blouse that you wear
Don't do a thing for you

  * Refrain

『LIVE / Muleskinner』
Sierra Records/MSI 11059

クラレンス・ホワイト ピーター・ローワン ビル・キース等、
豪華メンバーがそろったBluegrass 、Dawg Musicを中心としたライヴアルバム。

[ Salty dog blues ]
(W. Morris - Z. Morris)

Standin' on the corner with the low-down blues
A great big hole in the bottom of my shoes
Honey, let me be your salty dog

* Let me be your salty dog
  Or I won't be your man at all
  Hony, let me be your salty dog

Now look-a hear, Sal, I know you
A run-down stockin' and a worn-out shoes
Honey, let me be your salty dog

* Refrain

I was down in the wildwood settin' on a log
Finger on the trigger and an eye on the hog
Honey let me be your salty dog

* Refrain

I pulled the trigger and the gun said go
Shot fell over in Mexico
Honey let me be your salty dog

* Refrain

『Home Is Where The Heart Is / David Grisman 』 (Click!) 

Doc Watson/Tony Rice/J.D.Crow/Del McCoury
Ricky Skaggs/Sam Bush/the Nashville Bluegrass Band etc...
[ Love please come home ]
(traditional bluegrass song)

Are you read this letter that write to you
Sweetheart, I hope you'll understand
That you're the only love I knew
Please forgive me if you can

* Sweetheart, I beg you to come home tonight
  I'm so blue and alone
  I promise that I'll treat you right
  Love, oh love, oh please come home

That old wind is cold and slowly creeping around
And thefire is burning low
The snow has covered up the ground
Your baby's hungry, sick and cold

* Refrain

『Bluegrass Reunion』濾ttp://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000390V/qid%3D1113478529/250-5478003-0852250 (Acoustic Disc / ACD-4)

マンドリンはもちろんDavid Grisman
[ Home is where the heart is ]
(Gately, Talley)

Nestling in the pine trees in the mountains
Down along the road I love it still
There I know my dear old mother's waiting
Waiting and I know she always will

*Home is where the heart is they tell me
 Many, many try to travel that lonesome road
 They'll never find a pal as true as mother
 They'll never find a place as sweet as home

Now many years ago I left my old home
Started out out to ramble all around
If ever I return to where I came from
I'll build a little home and settle down


『Home Is Where The Heart Is / David Grisman 』
『Breakdown / Old & In The Way』 (Acoustic Disc / ACD-28)

Old & In The WayはJerry Garcia, David Grisman,
天才ヴァイオリニストVassar Clements, Peter Rowan,
John Kahn,の5人からなるブルーグラスバンド。
『played 3 times : 3/2/73 - - > 10/8/73 jerry tune』